Sunday, 6 July 2014

June & July 2014 Meetings

Apologies for the lateness of this post.


We welcomed Karen Babayan to our meeting on 17th June (meeting moved because of Appleby Horse Fair).  She gave a very interesting talk about her work and how her Persian heritage has informed her work.  Karen is multi-talented and as well as a being a great artist is a novelist and actor. She has exihibited work which has included screen printing, heat flocking, photography, reverse printing, etc.  Here are some photos from after her talk.


Again more apologies, I forgot my camera.  However for our meeting on 1st July we had a show and tell of members work.  A great display (sorry again) of work.  City and Guilds Year 1 and 2 portfolios, fine traditional pulled thread, work from the Lady Anne costume (detached buttonhole stitched flowers on a sleeve), etc.

The next meeting is the 2nd September where Isobel Hall will be talking about texture with cocoon strippings.  All welcome.

I feel that there should be a photo to finish.  I attended a workshop with Sandra Kendall in Lancaster where we looked at lichen for inspiration.  Here are some photos of the attendees work.

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